Consultancy Services

Dianne is available for consultancy work, and provides a range of services. Registered NDIS Provider.
For further information about any of Dianne’s services, please get in touch at .

Modification of Curriculum

Planned, meaningful modification gives a student ‘wings to fly’ and the opportunity to show what they can do!

Professional Development

Dianne delivers proficient and meaningful Professional Development that delivers practical support strategies, improving the educational outcomes of students.

Understanding the Student

Are you frustrated by the time lost as each new person working with your child gets to know your child?

Consultancy & Support Strategy Advice

At ‘Wings To Fly Education Consultancy Services‘ working positively and collaboratively with parents and staff is the core mission.


Wings to Fly Education Consultancy Services‘ understand that the best outcomes are achieved when all invested parties work positively and collaboratively in the pursuit of improving the educational outcomes of young people.


Supportive guidance and being authentically present to those seeking the opportunity to improve.

Writing Skills

Proficient written communication skills do make the difference!

Support for Home Schooled and Distance Education Students

‘Wings to Fly Education Consultancy Service’ knows that for a variety of reasons, a growing number of students are enrolling in Home School or Distance Education as a means to acquiring an education.


Best P.D course ever! You and Lauren are amazing and so inspirational. I can even relate this to my own kids!

Dianne’s passion for education is absolutely contagious! It inspires and empowers students and their families to find the best learning options for children who struggle to achieve their full potential.

Dianne has been a strong advocate for our family in a range of forums and achieved highly successful outcomes.

After missing a majority of the first four years of high school (Chronic illness), I turned to Dianne for help, guidance and
mentoring. She pulled me through secondary School more successfully than anybody possibly could have imagined. I went on to completed my first year of Uni with eight high distinctions.

Due to my high anxiety levels there was no way I could navigate through all the documents pertaining to my child’s disability. Dianne guided and supported me through the whole process step by step, resulting in a successful outcome. Her experience was a godsend. I could not have done it without her help. She helped me to understand important questions and how to apply them to my child when filling out the forms. She was clear and precise and very thorough.

Dianne Winbanks, is a dedicated professional, with expert knowledge regarding students with various learning difficulties. In our son’s case, Dianne was instrumental in family and teachers working together to implement a successful individualised pathway that allowed VCE to be an option after all!