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Hi Dianne, I started your book, I have honestly cried like I have never before. It is very well written and it is a really good book. Your book has really affected me and when I started it I couldn’t put it down.

Megan P.

I have recently purchased a copy of your book ‘Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly’. I have had difficulty putting it down. You have so eloquently been able to verbalize the roller coaster. Thank you.


Passionately written by my old English Teacher Dianne Winbanks, ‘Lauren’s Creed Wings To Fly’ is a spectacular achievement. Our kids can achieve anything! With lots of love and understanding, all children can grow wings to fly.


I have just finished reading ‘Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly’ – the book was such an inspiration to me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was fascinating how many aspects of Lauren’s everyday life I could relate to my own family.

Martina King

Your tenacity, patience, dedication & creativeness towards Lauren have made this book a pleasure to read. I really do not know where you have gained your strength from, but I wish you could bottle it and sell it!


I’m in the middle of reading ‘Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly’ and I’m loving it. There are so many points of reference to some of our children. I have so much admiration for your determination and sacrifice for your beautiful Lauren. Take care and good luck with the book sales.


I have just finished the book today…. Well, honestly, it’s fantastic! I loved every page, it is a great story beautifully told, and will enter the hearts of parents and others with every read. Congratulations!


Dianne, I have received the book. It is beautiful and I am so honoured to be listed in your acknowledgements. Lauren looks fantastic in the photos! I read your book cover to cover last night and it is fabulous – so engaging.


Hi Dianne, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly. Well done! It is inspirational. I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure you’ll help a lot of people.

Anna P.

I absolutely loved your whole approach when working with Lauren. Chapter 10 highlighted one of my strong beliefs – that we need to concentrate on a child’s strengths. It makes total sense and is so beneficial to the child. By working with children’s (actually all of us) strengths and intense interests, they blossom. Thank you for writing your book which has given me a little window into your family whom I greatly admire.


OMG, WOW! I absolutely loved reading this book. How very articulate! What a gift. I am blessed to have read it. Sooooo much active knowledge……Your book with all your perspectives, all your roles and insights and collated knowledge is a very wise and incredibly generous gift. Not to mention an absolutely precious insight into Lauren and her dazzling wings! Your book is an incredible offering and I will be sharing and promoting everywhere! Thank you for writing it!


Haven’t been able to put your book down….It is so intensely personal that I can feel your pain, heart warmingly honest, educational, so poignant that it pulls at my heartstrings but so very funny too. It made me realise how very hard you had to do it and am amazed….how much you accomplished both with your children and your personal goals. I’m so very PROUD of you!

Teresa B