A story about a young person with autism...

and what can happen when one dares to believe.
Lauren's Creed: Wings to Fly

A book written by Dianne Winbanks that gives understanding and positive outcomes to families faced with the Autism Diagnosis. Dianne Winbanks (M.Ed) has studied extensively and educated students in a range of settings since starting her teaching career in 1986. Yet nothing prepared her for the learning curve that was required upon the birth of her twins, in 1995, one of whom was later diagnosed with autism and an intellectual disability.

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Lauren’s Creed, Wings to Fly is a down to earth, easy to read, riveting story of a seemingly ordinary family and their often heart breaking determination and courage to pursue their belief in “Lauren’s Creed”. This creed encapsulates the tactics, practices, beliefs and methods that they pursued to enable Lauren to achieve and succeed against overwhelming odds to become an amazing young adult.

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Was just given a copy of the Lauren’s Creed to read and I could not put it down. I have a daughter the same age as Lauren who also has an ID. I also have a boy with special needs age 5, plus 2 other children. I could see the comparisons between my children and other children I know and the struggles that Lauren went through in accessing mainstream kinder and school. I hope I have the strength to stick to my guns in choosing the best school for my boy when the time arises.

Catherine - Parent of a child with an ID

Thanks so much for writing your book and enabling us all to share your story. I related so much Lauren’s struggle. Our granddaughter, has had similar problems. My daughter needs time to read you book. I think it will be a great reference for her. Thanks again for ‘Lauren’s Creed’. It will be the inspiration for us as our struggle continues.