Curriculum for Sale

Set your young student up to succeed with carefully prepared, special education friendly study notes.

It is one thing for a student to be told to study/prepare for a test but consider these important questions:

  • What is the quality of the notes your child is using as a basis of their study?
  • Are the notes complete, clear and accurate?
  • Do the notes enhance understanding? Or do the notes reinforce inaccurate processes and/or misconceptions?
  • When asked to study, does your child “get stuck” not knowing where to start, achieving little?
  • Is your child disadvantaged by impaired executive functioning?
  • Does your child go into tests feeling confident…..or overwhelmed?
  • Is your child capable, but simply needs more time to absorb learning?

Dianne believes that all children can learn when set up to succeed. She knows the impact that impaired executive functioning can have on academic performance, results and learning confidence. Dianne’s notes and summaries set students up to succeed by building in learning strategies that scaffold, chunk and break down information into manageable parts… overcoming executive functioning deficiencies!

Dianne’s summary notes are better than paying a tutor for an hour! With these notes your child gets the benefit of the extended time needed to learn and understand (well beyond the time they would have spent with a tutor).

See the sample page (requests for other key learning areas welcome)

Please note:
Study Summaries take considerable skill, time and care to prepare. Often Dianne needs to sell any given summary 7 times before the time invested pays off at $20 an hour. They are for single family use only. As a result, Dianne will only sell her notes to families who undertake to not share notes with others. Dianne reserves the right to grant or refuse the sale of notes. All notes remain the intellectual property of Dianne Winbanks. Speak to Dianne about all your curriculum modification/scaffolding needs across most KLAs
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Fantastic notes Dianne! They have helped build confidence and a solid foundation for James, who in the past would become so overwhelmed. The difference they have made speaks for itself…..James is now getting solid marks in Year 8 Maths and I am happy to report that he got an “A” for his last Maths CAT. A huge improvement! I should also add, that these notes have helped us as parents too. I don’t have a “maths mind” and your clear, organised notes mean that I can actually talk to my son about his work and understand what he is doing. Thankyou!

Francis W.