Lauren's Creed

A book written by Dianne Winbanks that gives understanding and positive outcomes to families faced with the Autism Diagnosis.

Wings to Fly Education Consultancy Service

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Lauren's Creed: Wings to Fly

‘Lauren’s Creed: Wings to Fly’ is about living with disability, about daring to believe, about supporting others who sail the same boat, it’s about celebrating individual difference, it’s about perspective and it’s about being happy living in one’s own skin – about how we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

About Dianne

Dianne Winbanks (M.Ed) has studied extensively and educated students in a range of settings since starting her teaching career in 1986. Yet nothing prepared her for the learning curve that was required upon the birth of her twins, in 1995, one of whom was later diagnosed with autism and an intellectual disability.

Consultancy Services

Dianne provides a range of consultancy services designed to improve the educational outcomes of young people and give them ‘wings to fly’.

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The Vision...

Set young people with individual differences up to succeed.
Focus on strengths.
With unwavering belief and understanding, encourage every young person to grow wings to fly
Support and respect each child as if my own.
Work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the pursuit of positive outcomes.

I dream of a world where Lauren is not the exception, but the norm!”

Dianne Winbanks